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List of Agreements, Terms and Conditions

Non Disclosure Agreement

Legally binding agreement that safeguards the confidentiality of the design, preventing unauthorized use or replication.

Refund Policy

Our refund policy allows for a refund request within 90 days of purchase. The refund amount may be subject to deductions for taxes, service charges, and transaction fees. Customized or personalized designs and designs that have been resold or transferred to a third party may not be eligible for a refund. Refunds will be processed to your PayPal account within 30 days from approval. For more information, please contact our customer support team.

Purchase Order

A purchase order is a document issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating the details of a purchase transaction. It outlines the specific products or services being ordered, the quantities, agreed-upon prices, and any additional terms and conditions. A purchase order serves as a legally binding agreement between the buyer and seller, ensuring clarity and accountability in the purchasing process. It helps both parties track and manage their orders, ensuring that the correct items are delivered and that payment is processed accurately.

Terms of Use and Purchase Agreement

A clear and comprehensive document specifying the terms and conditions of your purchase, including refund policies, warranties, and limitations.