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About AARARU & Founder

AARARU: Luxury Lifestyle Beyond Imagination

AARARU Company Founded by Aakash Waghmare on 02 September 2021, AARARU pioneers the world's first custom luxury architecture designing firm, also known as “AARARU Style” Architecture. With the help of strategic planning and valuations, Aakash Waghmare, Now the CEO Of the Company oversees the entire operation and its execution excellently. AARARU is a trending name as “AARARU Style” in the architecture era.

About Us

At AARARU, we operate entirely on a digital basis, offering seamless online ordering and home delivery of meticulously crafted designs. Our comprehensive package includes all construction structural documents, two-dimensional and three-dimensional plans, customization manuals, and working manuals, empowering you to bring your dream home to life with ease and precision.

Our Unique Style: AARARU Style Architecture

AARARU Style Architecture is a fusion of elegance, sophistication, and individuality. Our designs stand out as a testament to your unique identity, setting new standards of luxury and exclusivity in the architectural landscape.

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