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How AARARU Created Booming AARARU Style Architecture in the Industry, in History

Established in 2021 by Aakash Waghmare, AARARU commenced its journey as a real estate consultant and designer, specializing in traditional duplex and triplex modern style bungalows. Despite successfully completing over 100+ projects across Maharashtra, the company found itself at a crossroads. The architecture and construction industry lacked distinctiveness, prompting a temporary halt in operations, not due to failure, but the absence of uniqueness both in India and globally.

In April 2023, a pivotal moment occurred when a new visionary joined the company's board. This transformative individual pivoted the company's trajectory by introducing a groundbreaking style of architecture that had yet to be named – an innovation that sparked excitement within AARARU. From April 2023, the company dedicated itself to crafting this avant-garde architectural style for its clients while simultaneously conducting in-depth research.

This novel architectural concept gained significant traction in the industry. It earned admiration from seasoned professionals with 30 to 35 years of experience, architects, developers, and countless customers globally, surpassing a million in number. Over half a million enthusiastic individuals eagerly sought this distinctive design for their homes.

As the demand soared, AARARU realized the need to expand its operations. The introduction of a franchise opportunity emerged as a solution, enabling individuals to capitalize on the company's thriving clientele, thereby creating a burgeoning sector within the architecture industry. It was the overwhelming affection from the customers and potential clients that eventually christened this innovative style as "AARARU Style Architecture."

The name resonated with millions and began trending organically. This surge allowed AARARU to carve its niche in the market, evolving into a pioneering company within the architecture industry. Presently, AARARU boasts an extensive real estate network spanning thousands globally, poised for exponential growth.

For those aspiring to join our network, become a franchisee, partner as a builder or developer, engage in promotion, marketing, or sales, we welcome you to connect with us. AARARU is committed to sharing profits with dedicated individuals who contribute to our company's success.